Please, visit out apartments.


Hotel day starts at 3:00 pm and ends at 11:00 am.


We automated the self check-in system for you. Our Guests may arrive at any time of a day or night. We do not charge additional fees for late arrival. When checking-in, you should present or scan your identity document.


You will find an access card in the apartment. It opens doors in the building and activates powers supplies in your apartment.

When you leave the apartment, please remember to:

- close doors and windows – otherwise the alarm system will be turned on and security service or other law enforcement agencies,

- take the access card with you when you are leaving the apartment. You have 60 seconds to leave the apartment, after you remove an access card from a scanner.

An access card enables access to the building, and it should be placed in a scanner to deactivate the alarm and provide access to power and water suppliers.


If you wish to arrive earlier or leave later, please inform us about it while booking an apartment or contact as through a booking form, via mail or by phone

If you like our place, we invite you to extend your stay with our manager, preferably between 8.00 - 16.00 from Monday to Friday at +48 500 384 493.

Our Guests have a possibility of self check-in.

After you pay for your stay, we will send you the building access code via e-mail and/or a text message, and then after you scan your identity document on the ground floor of the building – also the code to the apartment.

Such solution gives you freedom and privacy.

We do not charge additional fees for later arrival, if a  Guest uses the self check-in option.

Below you will find basic information on a stay in our premises.

Social events may be organised only in the common part of the building upon an earlier arrangement with the manager of the apartments.

Please, respect the right of other people to have rest and relax in the premises. Moreover, we would like to remind you that you are obliged to be quiet from 10:00 pm until 8:00 am.

Children until 3 stay free of charge in the apartments.

Smoking is forbidden in all apartments.

Pets are not accepted.

You are recommended to use a transport from the airport that will be prepared especially for you.

We can drive a bigger or a smaller group of people with luggage from Chopin Airport or Modlin Airport. If your travel with children, a driver will have a special child safety seat.

Transfer is executed every day, also at night.

A driver with our logo will wait for you at the airport and will drive you straight to the apartment.

If a plane is late, our driver will wait for you.

You may pay for the transfer through the booking form.

You may order this service shortly before your arrival via the contact form.

If you arrive very late or leave very early, we recommend you our additional service – you may order products in a basket.

There are three versions: classic, sweet or vegetarian.

The service may be ordered through the booking form or shortly before arrival through the contact form under bookmark Contact.

Please, inform us about cancellation as quickly s possible through the contact form.

If a Guest does not arrive and cannot be contacted, an apartment will be offered for lease.

Safety of our Guests is particularly important for us.

Every apartment and common areas in Śmiała 77 premises are protected by the following separate systems: alarm system, fire prevention system and flooding prevention system.


Please, close all windows and doors and remove an access card from the scanner each time you leave the apartment. This will activate an individual alarm system in the apartment. You have 60 seconds to leave the apartment, after you remove an access card from a scanner.

Each entry to the Apartment requires deactivation of the alarm by means of an access card that has to be placed in the scanner.

An access card enables access to the building, to the Apartment and it should be placed in a scanner to deactivate the alarm and provide access to power and water suppliers.


We endeavour to ensure safety of you and your belongings during your stay in the Apartment. Every apartment is equipped with a strongbox. Please use it, and place there all your valuables.


There are smoke and high temperature detectors in every apartment. They are particularly useful due to a possibility to prepare meals in the apartments.


A water level detector is mounted in every bathroom. In case of a threat of flooding, it cuts off water automatically, which prevents from flooding of a room and neighbouring apartments. After it dries, a detector switches on the water installation.

We endeavour to ensure your safe and nice stay in the Apartment. But we cannot be held liable for negligence of other people, who breach safety rules.

We hope for your understanding, compliance with principles of social intercourse and care for common welfare.


stay for at least 2 nights